Welcome to Brown county, Nebraska marriages!

   This is the 11th genealogy related site from your friends at Greater Omaha Genealogy Society.  There aren’t many names here yet as we’re creating this site, but it will grow.

    We encourage you to also check out our other sites.  One never knows where folks went to marry, or where they had family that printed obits.  You may find things where you don’t expect it.   Names on our marriage site are in by both bride and groom, and are spelled the way it appears to be spelled on the marriage record.  Sometimes the handwriting was pretty bad, so we’re kind of guessing at what it says.  If you recognize something that’s misspelled, we’ll check it against the original microfilmed record and see if it looks like that’s what it is. 

    Want a copy?  Visit the Brown county courthouse, or the W. Dale Clark library (3rd floor microfilm room) in Omaha, or you can contact one of our service providers.  Items requested can be mixed & matched.

1.  G.O.G.S., P O Box 4011 Omaha, NE 68104    We will provide copies of records at $5 each, either emailed or snail mail.  Requests are answered in the order they come in, & large orders may be sent in segments.

2.  Genlady@gmail.com is another option: $5 each or 6 for $25.  Email or Post office return (currently backlogged)

3.  Omaha Public Library, W. Dale Clark Branch, 215 S 15th St, Omaha, NE 68102-1629.  LIMIT: 3 items per request and only one per week for $20.   Email or US Post office return.


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